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Commercial Roofing Options for Your Business
Commercial Roofing

R & Z Roofing offers a variety of commercial services for any size of building. From schools to manufacturing facilities, we have a solution for every building.

We use only the highest quality products available in the roofing industry. These are the "tried and true" as well as "most innovative" products available on the market. Our crews are highly trained for each roofing system that is installed to ensure quality and adherence to the manufacturer's application standards.

Our services include: New Construction, Maintenance Programs, Repairs, Re-roofing, Metal Retrofit, Waterproofing, Coatings and Sprayed Polyurethane Foam.

We specialize in single-ply PVC, CSPE, EPDM and TPO roof systems including, Modified Bituman APP and SBS systems and specialty coatings, waterproofing and more. (See Commercial Roofing Options Below)

R & Z Roofing takes the time to listen to each building owner, determine their needs and apply the best roof system for each building and roof section. We can help you budget for current and future roofing needs and establish an annual plan to help you get the best service from your roof.

Call R & Z Roofing Today for a FREE Roof Inspection and Estimate.

Commercial Roofing Options
Maintenance Programs
  • Specialty Roofing: Clay and concrete tile, shakes, asphalt and copper shingles.

  • Single Plies: PVC, PIB, EPDM, CSPE, TPO, Hypalon.

  • Modified Bitumen: APP, SBS.

  • Specialty Coatings: Urethane pedestrian and auto deck, acrylic elastomeric.

  • Waterproofing: Bentonite, sheet membrane, hot rubber.

  • Metal Roofing: Standing seam and multi-rib sheet exposed fastener systems.

  • Sealer: Specialty retrofit coating for commercial metal roof buildings.

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  • Free Estimates for roof maintenance program.

  • Visual Inspections.

  • Inspection report.

  • Roof repair drawing.

  • Photos of roof damage and repairs

  • Semiannual inspections

  • Moisture Survey Inspections.

  • Renovate existing roof system to meet maintenance status.

  • Roof Maintenance Repairs.

  • Completion of all repairs, meeting the highest standards in the roofing industry.
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Commercial Roofing Images
Emergency Calls
Commercial Roofing Images

~ "The professionals at R & Z Roofing took the time to find out what our needs were first, and then installed the roofing system that was most appropriate for our business. We are VERY satisfied with our new roof and maintenance program and look forward to years with a trouble-free roof. Thank you!" - JK

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