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Residential Roofing Options for Your Home
Residential Roofing
R & Z Roofing's professional team is skilled and experienced, taking extra care to ensure your satisfaction upon completion of your roofing project.

We deliver honesty, dependability and quality workmanship. R & Z Roofing has a record of success based on years of professional performance within the Walla Walla Valley and beyond. When you select R & Z Roofing, you're investing in quality assured construction methods, unsurpassed performance and reliability. R & Z Roofing stays ahead of the competition through quality, dependability and top-notch roofing services.

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Residential Roofing Options
Maintenance Programs
  • Asphalt Shingle - Can be used on any house from modern to historic. This product is inexpensive and ranges from low-cost 3-tab shingle to architectural shingles with extra durability and style.
    Pros - Shingles come in many colors, types, and manufacturers and work for most residential applications as they are easy to repair and fire resistant.
    Cons - The downside is that they have a fairly short life-span (15–30 years), are subject to mildew / moss, are environmentally unfriendly and scar easily when hot.

  • Wood Shakes / Shingles - These work well for bungalows, ranch, contemporary, cottage and historic homes.
    Pros - They have a natural look weathering to a soft gray and offer a fairly good insulation value. They blend well with the environment, are easy to repair or replace and are long-lasting if maintained (30–50 years).
    Cons - The drawback is that they are expensive, require professional installation, have a high level of maintenance, tend to rot, split, mold, and mildew and have a poor fire rating unless pressure treated.

  • Metal (steel, aluminum, tin, copper) - This works well for all homes. (Bungalows, modern, cottage, ranch, historic, etc.)
    Pros - Metal roofing is available in different looks, colors; is light weight, durable, has low maintenance and a long life span (at least 50 years). It can be installed over existing roofs and has a high level of performance in high wind, rain, hail and is environmentally friendly.
    Cons - It is expensive and can be difficult to install.

  • Tile (concrete, clay) - Italian, Mediterranean, French Eclectic, Spanish Eclectic, Mission, Prairie and Beaux Arts. Tile may also be attractive on some modern or ranch style homes.
    Pros - This product is non-combustible and comes in many colors and styles. It is fireproof, easy to maintain and very durable when roof maintenance is maintained.

    Cons - The negative of this product is that it is heavy, expensive, and installation and repairs can be difficult...thus the expense. This type of roofing is usually placed on newer buildings with good structural integrity due to the weight of the tile. Although durable in one aspect, it is also fragile, as walking on the roof may break the tiles.

Maintain Your Roof System
  • Free Estimates for roof maintenance program.

  • Visual Inspections.

  • Inspection report.

  • Roof repair drawing.

  • Photos of roof damage and repairs

  • Semiannual inspections

  • Moisture Survey Inspections.

  • Renovate existing roof system to meet maintenance status.

  • Roof Maintenance Repairs.

  • Completion of all repairs, meeting the highest standards in the roofing industry.
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  • Thermoplastics ( Engineered Rubber / Plastic) - This can be used on any type of home.
    Pros - It is cost-effective, attractive, long-lasting (30-50 years) lightweight, available in a range of colors / styles and made of recycled materials.
    Cons - It is new to the market so time will tell if there are negative effects.
Residential Roofing Images
  • Slate - French, Italian, Colonial, Exotic Revivals, Chateauesque, Beaux Arts.
    Pros - Slate has a beautiful and distinctive appearance. It is fireproof, has a long life-span and low maintenance.
    Cons - It is quite expensive, requires specialized installation, has high maintenance and is heavy and fragile.
Commercial Roofing Images

~ "R & Z Roofing found out what we wanted first and then made suggestions of what would look best for our Colonial home...and we went with their suggestion and it is amazing!" - SD

  • Concrete (Fiber Reinforced) - Works for any type of home.
    Pros - There are many styles and colors to choose from (Tile, shake, stone), is lightweight, durable fireproof and has low maintenance.
    Cons - It can be quite expensive and often has unequal quality when obtaining product from different mfg's and/or different batch runs
Emergency Roofing Calls
Emergency Calls
  • Hot-Mopped Asphalt Roofing and Decorative Stone - Used mostly on flat-roofed California-style and modern homes.
    Pros - Inexpensive and easy to repair.
    Cons - The fumes smell terrible, are a health-risk to the installers and increase smog levels.
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