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Is it Time for a New Roof, Re-roof or Repair?

New Roof
If your roof has experienced storm damage, has missing shingles, algae build-up, is leaking or has "other" issues, it is time that you put the safety of your home first and have R & Z Roofing inspect your roof to see if it needs to be repaired, re-roofed or a complete new roofing system applied.

Is most cases, a new shingled roof should last 20-years or more, however, many factors, such as proper installation, climate and ventilation impact the life of your new roof. Even if your roof shows signs of the symptoms shown in the diagrams below, you may not need a complete roof replacement.

Contact R & Z Roofing for a FREE consultation so that we can give your roof a thorough examination and let you know if you are in need of a new roof, or just a few repairs. R & Z Roofing can repair or replace your roof and provide you with a maintenance program that will provide you with years of being worry-free, knowing that your roof is protected and secure with the professionals of R & Z Roofing!

Review the Graphs to See what Damage May Have Occurred to Your Shingle or Shake Roof.

Dmaged Shingle Roof
  Shake Roof Damage

Repair and Re-Roof

Roof Maintenance

In general, roofs usually last about 20 years before they need replacing. After about 10-years, roofs may start developing leaks, shingles may start to loosen and fall off and intense heat from the sun can cause them to lighten and lose their color.

Re-roofing your home or business has a lot of benefits
, including...
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Roof Maintenance is a good program to own as it protects you from "accidents" that can end up costing tens of thousands of dollars in damage to the structure as well as the contents within.

Let R & Z Roofing inspect your roof to see what type of maintenance program would best suit your needs, allowing you to rest-easy knowing that your roof is in good hands!

See What R & Z Roofing's Maintenance Program Can Do for You...
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