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R & Z Roofing Roof Maintenance Program
Re-roof and repair
Why do You Need the R & Z Roofing Maintenance Program?
  • Early detection and repair of minor problems that could lead to serious and expensive issues.

  • Aid in the prevention of roof failures.

  • Increases life span of your roof.

  • Keep roofs in a maintainable condition.

  • Provide immediate emergency repairs in the event of storm damage and other issues.

  • Reduce workplace shutdown caused by leaks.

  • Reduce the possibility of damage to equipment, business inventory, structure and tenant complaints.

  • Provide semi-annual reports of the condition of your roof and detect early warning signs of most conditions that may affect the integrity of your roof. (See Below)
- Air conditioning equipment
- Duct work
- Skylights
- Blisters and Splits
- Stress Movement
- Electrical conduit

- Mechanical Equipment
- Antennas and Guide Wires
- Drainage Systems
(i.e., clogged drains or downspouts)
- Cracking of walls, leaks from caulking, etc.- Process Piping
  • Provides regular inspections that often times reveal unauthorized tenant improvements, which are often the cause of subsequent roof problems.

  • Provides information for the budgeting of maintenance costs and replacement capital.

  • And most importantly, R & Z Roofing's Roof Miantenance Program (MRP) saves you money.

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